Jahia xCM v6.6.1: Optimized Mobile Rendering, Multichannel Editingg
Earlier in the month we took a look at Jahia Wise, the social and collaboration application due to be released at the end of this month. We said that one of the contributing elements in Wise would be an upgrade to Jahia xCM 6.6.1, which has just been released. Let's have a look at it.

V6.6.1: Minor Change Bring Major Returns

The company isn't saying much about the exact relationship between Wise and xCM v6.6.1 -- they've played it close to the vest on many elements of the Jahia Wise release -- but we have seen it in operation already.

In the meantime, while Jahia says xCM v6.6.1 is digitized as a minor release there is still a whole pile of new functions in it that current users -- and new users --  should find pretty interesting and, of course, should be noted for the upcoming Jahia Wise launch.

Optimized Mobile Previews

Elie Auvray, speaking about the v6.6.1 release of its web content management system, made much of the mobile functionality. He pointed out that the Geneva-based open source content management company has spent a lot of time in the trenches with its customers and has come up with something that will be really useful, rather than simply trendy.

Talking about mobile rendering these days is quite trendy. But we didn’t want our new release to be just about 'buzz.' We wanted it to truly help our users, both business and technical, and seamlessly display their chosen content on any mobile devices. And not only to do so with simple clicks and drag & drops, but also with the ability to preview and to add any new mobile devices they’d need.” he said.

Jahia xCM v6.6.1: Optimized Mobile Rendering, Multichannel Editing

Jahia v 6.6.1 iPad website access

Of course, it’s not just about publishing; v6.6.1 also enables users to manage and personalize their own user experience through a few clicks. Authors will be able to preview their experience using high-definition emulators. These include:

  • Mobile in-context page and template building: This will be for enterprise distribution only. With it editors and template developers can work in the desired channel or device through Edit Mode or in the Studio.
  • Multichannel integrated in preview window: Viewing pages in device or channel context before publication
  • Multichannel customizable providers: Definition of capabilities can be applied to devices as necessary for optimized user experience in each device. Again, this is for enterprise distribution only.
  • Channel fallback: All channels and devices are organized as a tree so the most relevant rendering for a specific device is applicable. Enterprise distribution only.
  • Point and click content assignation: All content can be displayed, or excluded with a simple click.

Jahia xCM v6.6.1: Optimized Mobile Rendering, Multichannel Editing

Jahia 6.6.1 Android website access

Other v6.6.1 Upgrades

But the preview modes are not the only place there have been improvements. Again, after working with existing customers, Jahia has also improved the Contribute Mode, which is now based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Edit Mode, which is also based on the GWT, comes with the same usage principles (double-click, drag and drop etc.) as Contribute Mode.

Jahia also says that the "strength" and the responsiveness of the platform have also been improved for greater usability.  The Jahia xCM update to 6.6.1 is now available.