KiteDesk Browser Plugin Debuts to Wrangle Salesforce, Email, Social Contacts
A company called KiteDesk has launched a browser plugin that can pull in contact data from sources like Salesforce, LinkedIn and email and mash them up to find leads and build relationships.

An Eloqua social selling guide estimated 75 percent of B2B buyers think social media influences purchases. If so, then the more social media contacts in a company's customer relationship management (CRM) systems the better. That's where KiteDesk comes in.

Automating Leads, Importing Contacts

The KiteDesk browser plugin integrates with Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn, and Twitter soon to be added, Jack Kennedy, KiteDesk CEO, told "It's all about generating leads and managing relationships," he said.

But the main draw for the tool may be its Salesforce integration, which could enable sales teams to gather contact data from disparate sources  to identify the best prospects. In fact, Salesforce integration underpins the KiteDesk system and pricing for the tool is based on the Salesforce connection.

Just a few days before Salesforce kicks off its highly anticipated annual Dreamforce conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, interest in Salesforce seems to be peaking. Just yesterday, Bloomfire announced deeper integration with Salesforce.

It's free to connect Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn, but Salesforce integration starts at $300 per user per year. For $600 per user per month, KiteDesk customers can also integrate Microsoft Exchange data, boosting its appeal for some enterprises users.

"People connect the plugin and we do the work of connecting the data on the back end," Kennedy said.


KiteDesk shows related contacts

Social Selling Unmasked

Once KiteDesk is added to a browser, it can pull contact data from the supported applications. Sales teams can even share those contacts among each other. From there, the best contacts can be added directly to Salesforce and the related data can be cross referenced.

Additionally, the plug-in can grab contacts from any website to help grow the database and identify prospects. Once those contacts are added, they can be cross checked against existing contacts and even ranked on the potential strength of the relationship.

KiteDesk has been running the system as a private pilot for about 10 weeks, Kennedy said, and two of the companies testing it are now customers. 

"We found sales teams like auto filling contact info from places they are already working," he said. "The idea is they install the plugin and we can reduce their workload."

KiteDesk has  taken the notion of a contact and found a way to plug it into a widely adopted system like Salesforce. It enables the filtering and combing for the right sales contact to be done using even more contextual data, a potentially smart way for sales teams to engage leads.

Another company called Contatta showed off similar technology at the recent DEMO conference in Santa Clara, Calif., though that product focuses more on email.