Latest OmniUpdate OUCampus Web CMS Release Offers Multi-Target Publishing

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As college students around the country look forward to going home for Thanksgiving break and enjoying free laundry and home cooking, higher education Web CMS provider OmniUpdate is focusing squarely on school with the release of OUCampus version 9.17. 

The latest release of the Web CMS tool designed specifically for colleges and universities includes a new feature OmniUpdate calls “multi-target publishing.”

Spreading Workflow across Servers

Multi-target publishing enables users to create a workflow that spreads across multiple servers. This allows developers to perform testing and enact redesigns and site changes on alternate servers and then publish content on the live server when everything is up to par. The functionality also allows OUCampus administrators to assign access to specific servers to specific users, set default publish targets and compare content on different publish targets before going live.

OUCampus Strives for ‘BWCMSOC’

The latest upgrade to OUCampus is part of OmniUpdate’s continuing effort to make the solution the “BWCMOC” (Big Web CMS on Campus). OmniUpdate is on an aggressive update/upgrade schedule with OUCampus. Version 9.16, which included tweaks such as improved auto-tag completion for HTML coding, was released in September 2012, and version 9.15 with filtering and tagging updates and new scheduling options came out in May 2012, just one month after version 9.14 debuted with a page accessibility check feature.

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Learning Opportunities

As CMSWire noted in September, “looking at how frequently OmniUpdate makes these changes shows it is likely working closely with its customers and listening.” While multi-target publishing is a bit more interesting than functionalities introduced earlier this year, CMSWire also pointed out that OmniUpdate’s “granular updates may not be sexy, but for the people using the tools every day, they are the kinds of changes that simply make things easier to use.”

Universities Must Keep Content at Center of Modern Digital Strategies

Having an up-to-date digital content strategy is an important IT goal for any university to meet. As stated in ISITE Design co-founder Jeff Cram's Eduweb 2012 presentation on CMS Survival inside Higher Education, “The role of digital has changed. Most universities have not. “

While having a Web CMS that is compatible with the modern digital content landscape is important, Cram advises that content itself, not the CMS managing it, needs to be at the center of any university’s digital content strategy. “Without content and a coordinated strategy, the most powerful CMS will do nothing for you.” Thus institutions of higher education should investigate solutions such as OU Campus, but only after they have defined what kind of content they want to manage and who they will be managing it for.

More than 550 college and university websites are managed using OU Campus.