You just found the perfect job applicant. But is she as enthusiastic about working for you as you are to hire her? 

The better the applicant, the more the job interview becomes a two-way assessment. A New York City-based executive search firm is offering some tips on how companies can leverage their brand and industry position to close their side of the deal.

Beyond Salary and Benefits

"Savvy job seekers are taking a harder look at companies," Managing Partner Kathy Harris of executive recruiter Harris Allied noted in a statement.

They're looking at much more than just salary and benefits,  which is why companies should "put their best foot forward when it comes to branding."

How can a company use its brand, industry position and corporate culture to tilt the job seeker's decision in its favor? Here are a few tips from Harris Allied:

  • The Elevator Pitch: Create "speaking points for interviewers" that emphasize the company
  • The Selling Points: Be ready with the professional development opportunities, new kinds of tech and long-range business plans that the position, team and management can offer
  • Good PR: Generating some good press at the time of the interview can help provide a real-world context for the company's position
  • Positive Takeaway: The job seeker should leave with a good feeling about the experience
  • Touch Points: Although it should be standard operating procedure throughout the company, all public PR messaging – including and especially the company's LinkedIn and Facebook pages – need to appear first-rate

Depending on the candidate, we suggest adding at least two other tips. If the candidate or the company is known for its cutting edge or innovative approaches, make sure to emphasize that during the interview process. It's a big draw for many top candidates.

Additionally, if the company is one of those with a positive corporate culture, find a non-cloying way to bring it up. An in-demand candidate may have lots of opportunities for tech, money or responsibilities, but working in an environment where people feel well treated and, as a result, do their best is the ultimate perk.