Limelight Launches Orchestrate Platform for High-Tech Marketers

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B2B technology marketers have a new set of tools they can choose. This week, Limelight Networks introduced its Orchestrate for High-Tech Marketers, a platform for delivering a digital presence across channels to business-oriented buyers.

The new solution offers web content management, online video publishing, mobile publishing, web and mobile acceleration, web personalization, content targeting, social media integration and SEO. These tools are intended to assist marketers in enhancing customer relationships, driving brand awareness and increasing sales conversions.

Single Interface

The new Orchestrate’s features include the ability to utilize a single interface for managing and publishing web and video content, for segmenting visitor data in order to direct messaging to the appropriate prospect, and for re-purposing assets across web and mobile domains in order to simplify workflow, publish more quickly and maintain brand consistency.

The platform automatically optimizes web and video content for best viewing on the target devices. The company said that the tight integration between the new platform and email/marketing automation systems allows easier synchronization with email campaigns.

Technology buyers, the key business users targeted by this platform, typically seek out online sources of product information and peer recommendations before making a business decision, according to unspecific studies cited by Limelight.

Learning Opportunities

The company said that this due diligence on the part of the buyer goes beyond the information found on the sites of product vendors, and includes research on third-party sites, blogs, professional social networks such as LinkedIn, RSS feeds and other sources.

Selling to a Tough Crowd

These business-oriented buyers can be a tough group with high expectations, according to Limelight. Jeff Freund, Limelight’s CTO of DPM Solutions and VP/GM for the Web Content Management Group, said in a statement that, to reach these business technology buyers, “high-tech marketers must provide rich, fresh content,” such as whitepapers, webinars, data sheets, research reports, videos and animation across a variety of channels.

He added that doing so requires an “integrated, easy to use solution that allows them to update their collateral content and video assets without IT support.”

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Limelight Networks specializes in Digital Presence Management, provided through integrated suites of cloud-based applications to manage and optimize online presence across web, mobile, social and large screen channels.