It’s all about business at Linkedin and the site aims to improve how well professionals can connect and interact with each other, their industry and other areas of interest with a new Channels feature.

Curating Content

As a social news page, Linkedin Today, which is only a couple years old, was designed to highlight key news items of the day based on a user's connections. For example, if a user was connected to someone at Microsoft, a news item might show up that focuses on a new acquisition, product release or partnership for that company.

This ‘digital newspaper’ format has changed over the past few days with the addition of Channels, a feature that focuses on relevant, curated content such as retail, technology, social media and business travel.

Channels represent a more comprehensive way to discover, share, and engage with high-quality Influencer posts, top news sources, and SlideShare content -- all in one place,” said Kevin Gu, associate product manager at LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Channel

A Personal LinkedIn Experience

Each channel is a combination of relevant and popular content from news sources and other key people; so for example in the Social Media channel users can see who are the top social media influencers, see the top social media posts, and the most recent and most popular news about that subject. One of the posts featured today is from HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes and his analysis of why ads are becoming more popular on Facebook and Twitter.

Users can visit each individual channel page to see posts and they can also personalize their own page. When a user starts using the channels feature they are given a choice of categories and influencers they might like to follow. After selecting a few the user is redirected to their LinkedIn Today page then shows “Your News" which is content from both channels and influencers the user follows,“Posts from Influencers” “All influencers” or “All Channels.”

There are currently about 20 different channels that users can follow with more expected to added in the coming weeks.

A Better Business Community

LinkedIn just celebrate its tenth anniversary and has come quite far from its job-hunting origins, as it's now is a professional social network with advertising and marketing capabilities. Over the past few months, the network has been introducing a variety of new features designed to improve the usability and look of the site. Last week, the network introduced Portfolios, a creative tool designed to let users add projects and other accomplishments they've done at a particular job to their profile, while other additions include SlideShare Content Ads for its advertising platform and integrated contacts app for iPhone users.