LinkedIn Lets Users Add Document and Contents to Feeds

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The big changes by LinkedIn from April are rolling on into May with another raft of updates for the social business site. This time, a new update lets users add media content to their profile pages to better get a message or your skills across. 

When Content Matters To You

The old notion 'a picture is worth a thousand words' could easily be modernized to 'some video, a presentation or other content is worth just as many words.' So, that's just what LinkedIn has done, allowing all kinds of content to be added to users' profile pages in a feature called the Professional Portfolio. That should increase page view time by adding to the content that users can find on LinkedIn and enable individuals to promote their work, stoke debate and show off their finest creations. 

This comes hot on the heels of last month's news when LinkedIn launched a new Contacts app for iOS users, changing the feed on the original LinkedIn app to offer more conversational pieces and, lets not forget, the company also acquired the Pulse News Reader. That's quite a busy schedule for any company, but LinkedIn appears to pushing in all areas to drive growth. 

The focus on professional content should hopefully keep fluffy kittens, lolcats and other memes out of sight. Unless, of course, your job happens to be creating social media annoyances.  A LinkedIn blog post explains the concept and has some neat demonstrations of what is possible. 

Learning Opportunities

Visual Enhancement Is All the Rage

While a prettier looking stream will be good for those in the visual art professions, the rest of us can get along with showing off our ideas and efforts in documented form. Naturally, there will come a point when someone shares some content that they really should not be showing, but aside from the quick cease-and-desist and outrage felt across the Twitter-verse, most users should demonstrate common sense. 

Under even more threat from this move are the traditional recruitment sites, that must seem decidedly old-hat, when nimble employers can cherry pick the people they want pretty much directly. Services like VisualCV that try to compile your resume and profile in a stylish web-enabled way and profiling sites like About.me will also be wondering if LinkedIn is after their breakfast. 

LinkedIn will announce its latest figures tomorrow, with a webcast to discuss its first quarter 2013 results and business outlook on 2 May at 2PM PST, 5PM EST. The company stock has been on a tear since mid-January up from $125 then to $193 today. 

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