LinkedIn Redesigns Groups: Improves Conversations, Calls Out Influencers

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Upon their next sign-in LinkedIn members may notice a few changes, as the business network has redesigned its group pages.

Same Features, New Design

Since launching in 2003, LinkedIn has grown beyond its business networking roots into a well-rounded platform of engagement, networking, marketing and general communication. With this in mind the network has recently concentrated on its look and how to improve the site’s usability, an idea that has carried over to LinkedIn Groups.

customer experience: LinkedIn Groups Update

With the groups redesign, product manager, Daria Axelrod Marmer says that members can now streamline posts and also customize their conversations so they can be separated from other conversations within the group. Members can also move more easily between updates and influential group members are more blatantly featured to the right side of the screen.There is also a subgroup feature, where similar groups are recommended to members.

The new design more closely resembles the LinkedIn home page in style, with posts, comments, and likes assuming the look of content posted elsewhere on the professional network,” wrote Jennifer Van Grove.

This updated feature is currently only available for LinkedIn’s English speaking members and it hasn’t been stated when non-English speaking members will see these changes. 

Learning Opportunities

A Good Change, But Needs Improvement

According to Axelrod Marmer, there are more than 200 conversations a minute in more than 200 million groups on LinkedIn, with 8,000 new groups being created each week, which is why Kurt Wagner says this change that will affect almost everyone who uses the site.

Redesigning LinkedIn Groups is a noticeable change for the platform, considering how many users utilize the feature,” he wrote. “The average user belongs to seven Groups on the site, and those who post or engage in group conversations receive four times as many profile views as those who don't.”

Ken Yeung does note that there is room for improvement -- especially since so many LinkedIn members use Groups.

Hopping around from group to group trying to keep themselves up-to-date could be a difficult thing -- LinkedIn needs to make it so that when you arrive, you know what’s going on and in a more efficient manner,” he wrote.

LinkedIn: In the News

Just a few days ago LinkedIn launched University Pages to try and expand its membership demographic, but this isn't the only release from the company in the past few months.LinkedIn hasalso added the ability for members to apply for jobs via a mobile device, and added company page analytics and sponsored updates.

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