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LinkedIn has started off August with a couple of new releases to improve the user experience on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Applying from Wherever You Are

Last month LinkedIn released a mobile feature that recommended jobs based on a person's profile to compliment the network's job search function -- but people couldn't apply for positions from the mobile site. 

As of today, if a user finds a job they want to apply for on their mobile device they can do so -- without having to switch to a desktop computer or laptop.

Over 30 percent of members who view jobs on LinkedIn come from mobile and we want to make it easier for members to fully complete their job-seeking experience from mobile,” wrote Vaibhav Goel, associate product manager at LinkedIn.

To apply for a job, you can click on the job and select apply. From there LinkedIn will attach your profile to the application and confirm key information, such as your email address and phone number before sending. After the application is sent the ad will have a note on it to show you the date you applied. The app records the jobs you apply for as well as the jobs you save.  

Linkedin Mobile Job Application

The job application feature is currently only available to the network’s English-speaking members and those who use iOS or Android devices.

Company Page APIs for All

Along with the mobile job application announcement, the company also announced that it’s extended its company page APIs so that developers can integrate the site with more third party applications. This opens up options for marketers to publish content to a page, monitor comments and see real-time analytics via the API.

According to Keith Cowing, a senior product specialist at LinkedIn, this will gives marketers the ability to create better content, but also, more easily use some of the company’s newest tools, such as Sponsored Updates. Cowing also says that by making the APIs publically available it will “strengthen our ecosystem and evangelize important applications” for developers who use the site.

Companies with previous API access include HootSuite, Hubspot, Salesforce and Adobe.

LinkedIn in July

There were also a few updates released in July that focused on the business network. LinkedIn itself released the mentioned sponsored updates and company page analytics while Adobe introduced new integrations for Adobe Social which included LinkedIn, Instagram and FourSquare.