LinkedIn Company Page Analytics Rolls Out
Organizations looking to take advantage of the growing army of LinkedIn users have a new tool to track engagement and follower demographics on Company Pages.

LinkedIn Company Pages + Sponsored Updates

Company Page followers can now be analyzed by a few different methods like seeing how engaging individual posts are and seeing trends across whatever metrics are used. Additionally, demographics of followers and sources are given, and individual post activity can be seen through graphs that can be customized by specific time periods.

There's even a little scoreboard on how a page is doing compared to other pages as far as number of followers. These are important tools to see how a Company Page is performing, so it's sure to be a welcome addition for organizations that are working to engage their most ardent fans and followers.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has obviously seen how engaged people and businesses can be on its platform, so why not give companies more ways to dig into its platform. Facebook is more focused on mobile, however, while LinkedIn is molding itself into something of a publishing platform. Buys of presentation system SlideShare and news reader Pulse over the last 18 months are proof of that.

More recently, LinkedIn has developed Sponsored Updates that can appear in news feeds similar to Facebook or Twitter. That way, companies can separate themselves from among the sea of professional profiles.

LinkedIn Doing More with Less

LinkedIn isn't as big as Facebook by a very wide margin, but at least it's making money and is profitable. Facebook is close to recouping its stock price from when it went public a year ago. No doubt it will soon be profitable, but LinkedIn has been on the slow growth track for a long time, and it surely seems to be paying off.

Now with 220 million members, and a slew of updates over the last year, LinkedIn is really starting to unleash the full marketing potential of its system. With the Company Pages analytics, the functionality is minimal at launch, but more features will roll out in the future.