Customer Experience: Linkedin Sponsored Update

Following the example set forth by Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is now offering its own sponsored content, giving companies the chance to better promote services and establish their business.

Introducing Sponsored Updates

With over 220 million users, LinkedIn has become an ecosystem of brands, businesses, companies and professionals, but with so many users it’s often hard for businesses to set themselves apart.

The company wants to change this with its new Sponsored Update feature.

Sponsored Updates enable these entities to build relationships by delivering their content into the homepage feed of members beyond those who are following their company,” wrote David Hahn, Linkedin’s Vice President of Product Management.

In what Hahn refers to as a “measured and methodical approach” for the network, members will be able to see these sponsored stories across all viewing platforms, including smartphones, tablets and desktops. Members also have the chance to follow the company, as well as like, comment or share what is posted -- much like what is done through Facebook's sponsored stories and Twitter sponsored posts.

Linkedin Sponsored Update

Currently, sponsored updates are only available to members who have an account representative with LinkedIn, but by the end of the month the service will be available to anyone who has a company page. Companies that have already started using sponsored updatesinclude Mercedes-Benz, The Wall Street Journal, Xerox and Box Inc.

Learning Opportunities

Good for LinkedIn, Better for Companies

Many reports are finding that because of the way LinkedIn is designed sponsored content is more beneficial to LinkedIn users than is for those that use Facebook and Twitter. Not only can businesses promote content that doesn't make much of a social impact outside of their company’s page, such slideshows or whitepapers, but the network also has an impressive ad targeting system which will help the reach of this promoted content.

The targeting LinkedIn offers is powerful," wrote Ginny Marvin. "Publishers can select audiences by company, title, job function and seniority levels in addition to the typical geo-targeting options available on other platforms."

The success of these posts can be measured through LinkedIn’s analytics program.

A Page Administration Update

Sponsored updates isn't the only update from LinkedIn this week. Company Page administrator's now the ability to comment and like status updates as the company or brand they work for, instead of using their personal profile.

It’s a small addition, but one that should give marketing and social media managers greater control over their brand and how they engage with new and existing customers,” wrote Nick Summers.

Other recent LinkedIn-centric updates includeAdobe Social’s integration with LinkedIn, Instagram and FourSquare and a more personalized home page that allows users to see who has viewed their status updates and keeps track of other profiles they've visited.