LinkedIn Updates Tools for Homepage, Profile Editing

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LinkedIn use is exploding, and all those millions of new users added over the last two years have some updated features to play with.

LinkedIn has updated the homepage by adding a larger profile image and redesigning the whole feel of its pages with a more refined look. The power to find new contacts and network effectively is still there -- it's just under a less utilitarian design.

Status: Updated

Starting today, LinkedIn members can update their profile via an opt-in sample/invitation. Everyone else will see the updates roll out to their profiles over the next few months, the company said in blog post. Larger profile images, new inline editing and richer insights into people's networks are all part of the update. 


Larger images show off a profile's highlights right at the top of the page.

Additionally, the Activity Stream, People You May Know and Background sections all have a new look, with the people section having the most dramatic change. There's a new graphic stats display for network suggestions that adds some color and useful information on those you may want to connect with. 

For updating background information on your profile, there is a new menu of options that pops up on the right-hand side. 


Suggestions are still made about what updates to make, but now they are a bit more polished.

Learning Opportunities

Simpler Editing

Once updates are made to the background section, each portion gets a new little icon instead of a solid horizontal line to separate them. For example, there's a little hand next to the Volunteer and Causes section, and a little compass above the Skills and Expertise section.

This is also where the inline editing feature comes in. Now, instead of changing those skills using a new edit page, the changes can be made right from the profile -- no need to click over to the Edit Profile page. 


Simpler editing makes an already popular activity even easier.

Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner gave a brief presentation on the updates, and said the company now has over 175 million users, with 50 million of those added in just the last two years. He also pointed out how popular the recent Company Pages release has been and how millions of people are updating their profiles even though they aren't necessarily looking for jobs. 

Tell us in the comments if you are a LinkedIn Pro user or if you are cross-posting things to LinkedIn and Facebook -- and how you decide what goes where.