Monitoring conversations about your brand across social media is the first step to engaging with your audience. However, it’s not always easy to know which messages can inspire actions and transactions with your company, its products or services. Thanks to a new social engagement tool from QuestBack, brand managers can listen and act according to insights gleaned from CRM data.

Listen, Act & Improve Customer Engagement

With Listen & Act, brand managers can quickly sift through messages, view levels of influence and seamlessly utilize engagement tools, such as surveys and communities, to create unique experiences for their customers based on inquiries and preferences. The idea is that by combining insights gained from new customer touch points, like social media, businesses can act faster, have more targeted offers, accelerate problem resolution and ultimately converting customers and increasing ROI.

Not every organization may be ready to go beyond monitoring and sentiment analysis, but for those that are, Listen & Act is able to streamline message management and deliver deeper customer insights. Listen & Act provides users with:

  • Easy feedback management through keyword monitoring and grouping of common themes, accelerating analysis and ability to act
  • Seamless integration with the QuestBack feedback and social engagement platform, to gain deeper insight into the individual behind the messages received by use of online surveys
  • Integrated Sentiment Analysis and Klout Score, which makes it easy to prioritize actions and identify key influencers
  • Single view of the customer with the unique QuestBack people data hub that combines unstructured social media data with structured CRM data, enabling a 360 degree customer view

The Path of Influence

Of course, brand managers should not just respond to customer queries because they are deemed more influential than other fans or followers, but it can be helpful to see how influential users help spread messages and improve engagement on behalf of a company. 

Just as social media evolves, so must the way we manage and monitor it. Successful engagement takes more than knowing what people are saying; it also requires being able to efficiently manage messages so you can build stronger customer loyalty and inspire more positive referrals. By investing in the power of the customer, and strengthening their loyalty, businesses can better position themselves within the experience economy.