Considering the product is unseen, unannounced and might still be a collective hallucination, everyone has been very keen on the "iPad Mini" name which has apparently been confirmed, but not by Apple, so a surprise could still be on the cards. Then there's that mysterious hole that cases and templates are being designed around. What could peeking into that reveal?

An Apple Rumor A Day

With iPad Mini case designs popping out all over the place, this thing has to be real right? Well that didn't work out so well for those first-generation iPhone 5 cases, that preceded the launch of the iPhone 4S, so hold the phone on that one. However, those pesky Asian sources seem to think the name will stick, so at least these companies can start doing their marketing. 

Western-based reports are also suggesting the Mini will get its own launch event for October, leaving the real iPhone 5 to bask in its own glory. But what's that hole in the cases we're seeing? The Asian reports suggest it might be part of a new IR remote control feature for interacting with your forthcoming (2014 maybe) Apple TV set. 

With Apple's recent court win over Samsung, almost any new addition to a device will be given immense scrutiny, so it'll be interesting to see who claims those patents, if that's what it is for. For the October event, Apple could still introduce a new level of iTunes content subscription to try to increase revenue from those buying the lower-priced iPad. 

Windows 8 Tablets Sexing It Up

To compete with the new iPad, new Kindle Fire, and Nexus 7 among others, the forthcoming Windows 8 tablet line up are adding all manner of attractive features to offer some differentiation and competition. Sony's Vaio 11 looks to be offering a fold-away keyboard while Samsung is teasing something sleek looking in a new video.

Learning Opportunities


However, in a keenly price-sensitive environment, just how will these high-end sounding devices cope? No matter how many early Windows 8 adopters there are out there, it looks like there will be more casualties than winners in this particular battle.