Amazon Joins the Event Party, 6 September for Kindle Fire 2 and, Perhaps, A Smartphone

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 It is officially party season for gadget lovers, as Amazon joins all the other major smartphone and tablet makers with an event to announce its latest wares, scheduled for early next month. 

Reorganize Your Diary

Add another date to your burgeoning diary for media phone or tablet events in the next few weeks. Amazon is inviting the press to a major launch on 6 September in Santa Monica, with the likely topic of discussion being the Kindle Fire 2 and, maybe, an Amazon smartphone. 

So, just to refresh your memory, the launch event line up is as follows:

29 August - Samsung Galaxy Note 2

5 September - Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phone 8

6 September - Amazon Kindle Fire 2, possibly a smartphone

12 September - Apple iPhone 5, possibly iPad Mini

Learning Opportunities

18 September - Motorola launching its first Intel Powered Smartphone in London

UPDATE: Latest rumor is that Apple will dedicate a special event in October to the iPad Mini, one that may also unveil new features in iTunes and other services. This could be an offering like a subscription service for Mini owners that allows Apple owners to gain further steady revenue from buyers of the reduced size (and likely reduced-priced) tablet. 

Device Frenzy

With all these devices hitting the shelves shortly after their announcements, the stores will be packed with new product, review sites will be screaming the scores out, and the typical consumer might feel rather put upon by all the pressure to upgrade to a new phone. 

We also have HTC possibly launching a 5inch-screen One X model, then there's the Windows 8 tablet launch in October, making it a very busy selling period. What it does mean is that the older generations of devices will be being sold for great bargain prices come the Black Friday holiday sales, as stores try to clear old stock.  


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