One of Nokia's lesser-kept secrets, the 928, is officially out of the bag with a single image on a teaser page, while some new advertising suggests what's to come.


Taking the Limelight

Nokia's Lumia 928, as widely predicted last month is a real thing, packing in lots of photographer-centric features like PureView and one of those Carl Zeiss lenses with image stabilisation and low-light features to ensure a great image every time. However, the latest Windows Phone 8 device looks a little more mature and professional than its hi-viz plastic predecessors. 

The teaser site shows off a single image with an offer to stay tuned for the latest news, with a stylish black design, if still a little chunky. There's a similar advert in the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine and a billboard out in the wilds shows off a Verizon logo, suggesting that telco will be getting exclusivity for some time. 

Learning Opportunities

With its 4G LTE support, AMOLED screen and larger battery, Nokia's phone looks like its best bet yet to improve market share as it revitalizes and shift more Windows Phones for Microsoft. 

Microsoft on the Prowl

With Microsoft looking to push a new range of Windows 8 tablets on the market, launch Windows 8.1 Blue and push its ecosystem. Nokia is doing a decent effort of leading the mobile bandwagon, and was still the world No. 2 in overall mobile shipments last year. But as the move from feature to smartphones gathers pace, it needs to be competing against the latest Samsung, HTC One and Sony Android devices, with its photo-centric features a popular angle with buyers. 

Rumors still suggest that there is another model to be revealed that will be thinner and come with a metal shell to appeal to executive types, but what it is, what's inside and when it is revealed is a still up for debate.