Anyone hoping for big new things from the next Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device will be left wanting, as it looks like a modest upgrade in technology and power.

The Lumia View

With the Lumia family rounding out nicely, offering budget and mid-range models to go alongside the 920, there was some hope that the next class-leader would offer something a little bit different, something to spark more interest in the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.

However some preview model parts are doing the rounds, leave it looking suspiciously like the rest of the range. It comes with the same type of polycarbonate shell as its predecessors, and the same distinctive design styling. Of interest is the Verizon logo on the case, suggesting that the big telco will be the first to offer the phone when released, something Nokia is still keeping to itself.

Changes include replacing the LED flash with a more illuminating Xenon model, the old IPS screen has been swapped out for a better-looking Samsung-made AMOLED display, which also leaves a bit more space for a slightly bigger battery to up the amperage, up from the 920's 2000mAh unit. 

Learning Opportunities

Looking for More Power and Market Share?

With the room for some extra battery, Nokia can either up the power-on time, or add a processor with a bit more grunt, up from the 920's current 1.5GHz dual-core. None of these improvements speak of revolution in the Lumia range, which means recent talk of aluminum bodies and other improvements will have to wait until the 930, or maybe 950?

Hopefully a little weight loss will reduce the heft of the device as a common gripe about the bigger Lumia phones are their weight compared to other devices. We should get an official release on the phone during April, so keep an eye out if you feel like migrating over to Windows Phone.

With Microsoft struggling to gain traction in tablets and smartphones generally, despite massive amounts of advertising by itself and partners, and Nokia not really forthcoming on sales aside from 5.5 million smartphone sales in 2013, will there be some special pricing to try and goose interest in the market given the competition from the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and many others. Nokia files its 2013 first quarter figures this Thursday and there will be eager comparisons to see if sales are moving in the right direction.