Madison Logic Data Rebrands as Bombora

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Madison Logic Data made its biggest identity move yet today.

Madison Logic Data, which seven months ago became the sister company of Madison Logic, has rebranded as Bombora. It will stay in New York City. Madison Logic bought Linthicum, Maryland-based BBN Solutions in March.

Bombora officials believe in the power of intent data, which they define as data collected about a web user’s content consumption.

That kind of technology, they added, allows the provider to identify key topics (2,300 total as of last month) that will show marketers when users express interest in a specific topic.

The provider told CMSWire last month that it aggregates digital and mobile display inventory from 1,600 B2B media outlets. This allows brands to interact with more than 245 million decision makers monthly.

'Primary Source'

Company officials said Bombora was created as a new entity to serve as the "primary industry source for consolidated intent data for the B2B market."

Its CEO is Erik Matlick. Madison Logic's CEO is Tom O’Regan.

Learning Opportunities

"Behavioral intent data has proven its worth as a vital targeting tool, but unfortunately, most B2B marketers' access to that data is fragmented, making it more difficult to gain a holistic view of one's customers and prospects," Matlick said in a statement. "Bombora breaks down the data silos that cause that fragmentation, consolidating data to enable the entire B2B marketing industry to better understand what companies and individual end users are interested in at any given time."

Bombora officials called their platform an aggregated source of behavioral intent data for B2B, creating a "first of its kind" data cooperative of premium B2B media companies.

Some companies use Bombora to offer granular interest-based targeting to its advertising partners and next-generation, post-campaign analytics.

Other organizations use the platform to leverage intent data to capture the first steps of the buyer's journey.

"B2B marketing is notoriously complex and involves multiple decision makers, all with distinct information needs," said Matthew Yorke, president of Global Business Innovation and CMO at DWA, a Bombora customer. "Existing solutions focus on triggering a behavior and have limited scale. Bombora helps us identify buyer behavior beforehand and determine what her intentions are and what information she really needs."