B2B data and marketing provider Madison Logic launched today a sister company born from what it calls outpaced revenue expectations.

The New York City-based provider created Madison Logic Data, to be run by Madison Logic founder and CEO Erik Matlick.

Tom O'Regan, who most recently served as president and chief revenue officer for Martini Media and as senior vice president of advertising sales at TheStreet, takes over as CEO for Madison Logic. Matlick will serve as the chairman of the board for both companies. 

Company officials say its "intent data" is "core to the company's business model" and is a powerful generator of ROI and brand awareness in the B2B marketing space.

Data Business Focus

By "spinning out the data business," Madison Logic Data will focus on its primary goal to acquire, analyze and activate intent data.

Learning Opportunities

Madison Logic will provide media solutions powered by intent, and Madison Logic Data will analyze and activate the data resulting in what company officials promise increased engagement metrics for B2B marketers.

Madison Logic works with more than 300 brands and managed more than 1.2 billion B2B interactions per month.

The news comes less than a month after Madison Logic announced a partnership with Oracle's Data as a Service for Marketing, an enterprise-ready data solution. The deal was said to help B2B marketers target professionals at scale across multi-online and offline channels.

Madison Logic's B2B demographic and Predictive Segments are available as part of Oracle's BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace and to Oracle Marketing Cloud BlueKai customers.