Madison Logic has been providing enterprise solutions for publishers and demand generation for the past six years.

But CEO Tom O’Regan told CMSWire that the company's customers wanted more — specifically "solutions that would help them target more efficiently and deliver more effectively when running brand campaigns."

With the acquisition of Linthicum, Maryland-based BBN Solutions this week, O'Regan claims New York City-based Madison Logic will give customers what they want.

What's 'Intent Data?'

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What does the Madison Logic B2B media and marketing solution do for B2B publishers and brands?

It believes in the power of "intent data," which Madison Logic officials say is data collected about a web user’s content consumption.

That kind of technology, they say, allows Madison Logic to identify key topics (2,300 total) that will show marketers when their users are expressing interest regarding a specific topic.

"Intent data, therefore, is a signal of intent that can be used to be a more powerful generator of engagement," O'Regan said. "Intent data will allow you to identify who to call and when they are in market."

Through its publisher platform, Madison Logic aggregates digital and mobile display inventory from 1,600 B2B media outlets. This allows brands to interact with more than 125 million decision makers monthly.

It uses display and native advertising, content syndication, email marketing, retargeting and sequential targeting. 

Its real time advanced analytics can show company size, title and other predictive signals that show which audience segment engages the most with a brand's message, O'Regan said.

Enter BBN, also a B2B marketing solutions provider. Marketers use its suite of B2B publishers and engage with decision makers through its advertising solutions. Enterprises use BBN as one ad server with "comprehensive reporting and analytics that is scalable and successful at reaching their goals," officials said.

"We believed our intent data, with their contextually relevant environment, would provide a huge powerful combination to satisfy our current clients and more importantly bring on new customers," O'Regan said.

Better Brand Campaigns

O'Regan said the buy complements Madison Logic's "data, analytics and power of knowing what content appeals" to a swath of global decision makers.

BBN was appealing because it had the audience and sites frequented most often, O'Regan said.

"We were going to go out and sign up publisher after publisher," he said. "But after much due diligence we found out from our advertisers and based on research, that BBN had the audience and sites frequented most often."

Learning Opportunities

The 1,600 publishers under BBN can also benefit from Madison Logic's enterprise solution, Lead Focus. It's a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based model that lets publishers serve white papers and manage registration path.

"We know that many of the BBN publishers have a need for this type of solution," O'Regan said.

Madison Logic has 64 employees, including eight new ones from BBN.

Better Targeting 

What business problem will the Madison Logic tech be able to solve with the addition of BBN? 


O'Regan told CMSWire the merger "fills the gap from when LinkedIn bought Bizo; and with the combined 125 million decision-makers engaging with the platform each month, it provides an unmatched brand-safe opportunity for our current brands to generate awareness and develop integrated marketing solutions. Our platform will leverage intent signals to drive performance while supporting sales and marketing’s demands."

Asked about standout qualities from competitors, O'Regan said Madison Logic is driven by intent in addition to demographic data.

"Intent helps us target most effectively those companies and decision makers in the market now for products and services," he said. "Our Lead Focus platform has supported 450 publishers for the past five ears to efficiently deliver content syndication for our enterprise clients."

Madison Logic officials said the company achieved record revenue and EBITDA growth in 2014. Year over year revenue jumped 75 percent in the most recent quarter ending December 2014 with International revenue growing more than 200 percent at the end of fiscal year 2014. New customer acquisition more than doubled compared to 2013. 

Last November, the company launched a sister company, Madison Logic Data, born from what it calls outpaced revenue expectations.