The world has gone social. Everywhere you turn, customers, employees, businesses are posting, liking, blogging and letting their voice be heard in the social arena. Social collaboration tools are changing the way people work. Employees are sharing ideas and working together across professional social networks.

Businesses are gaining new insights, solving problems easier and making better decisions faster. Customers are making buying decisions based on what you say about your products, and what everyone else they've never met says.

Get Fresh, Stay Alive and Thrive

In the competitive social world, the way you manage your social content will keep you alive and help you thrive with your customers. Perception is reality, they say. So how is your business perceived? The way your customers interact with your business will determine if they are a one-time visitor or here to stay.

A big opportunity to shape customer opinion and buying decisions is in content. One of the biggest challenges in business today is MANAGING social content. Does the customer have an easy time navigating the site and finding information? Is it a one or two-way conversation? Is the information they need on product or service available?

Playing in the social world means that customers expect to find information, express their opinion, and do business quickly, efficiently and from virtually any device, mobile to desktop.

You need to lead with setting the perception of your brand. You need to respond when you hear their concerns. You must entice them with interesting multimedia, social media and social conversations.

You can take back the reigns of what they think about doing business with your business by having a louder voice than your competitors or their neighbors. Don't hesitate. Get to know your customers. Dive in and keep it active and fresh, so that your customers will know you through your active interaction, rather than what they say.

Did You Say “Make Money”?

Yes! Everyone’s talking about it and a few are beginning to exploit it. Engaging customers by effectively managing content is more than driving perception. Managed Social Content together with Collective Intelligence is a competitive differentiator.

Exploiting this information to implement improvements to customers care, business processes and, ultimately, the products and services that you bring to market, can have a huge impact on your business.

Applying the insights gained through effective social content management, including analytics, can make your business more efficient, drive increased revenue and create new opportunities. If you don't manage it, you can't exploit it.


Potential Money-Making Impact of Social Content in the Customer Experience

There's a Method to the Madness

To manage Social Content effectively, you have to: Capture it, Activate it, Socialize it, Analyze it and Govern it.

First, organizations need to capture it within their business, so that it can be enhanced or activated, enabling knowledge workers to access the right content at the right time.

Content is not confined to four walls. It’s social. Social and public content can add relevance to: a role, an organization, an industry or a particular business problem. Social increases the opportunity to differentiate.

Finally, the need to govern the content, apply appropriate controls to manage that content throughout its lifecycle is an important competitive advantage.

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