Think you have your finger on the pulse of mobile? You have a BYOD policy (or not). Your organization invests readily in Apple iPads and iPhones. Your website employs responsive design. But do you really know how mobile browser usage is driving changes within the enterprise?

A Healthy Mobile Heartbeat

Global data center provider Equinix and managed service provider Carpathia Hosting partnered to produce an infographic that accurately captures the pulse of mobile content. The visual serves to highlight statistics on current mobile usage and the expectations of mobile users, which are driving significant changes at the enterprises level.


Plan for the Future

What does this mean for the mobile enterprise? First, it means that you may need to catch up! Can your users really search the mobile web as fast as they want? Are you tracking your mobile audience so you can keep up with their evolving behaviors? More and more companies are paying closer attention to mobile, but do they really understand how rapidly mobile is changing and as a result, shaping the way users engage with companies?

Preparing for the mobile future requires more than just tools, it also requires the flexibility and foresight to plan for changing user expectations.