Mobile App of the Week: Being Social with Pheed

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It’s time for the first Mobile App of the Week in 2013.This week we’re looking at Pheed, a social network.

From Twitter to Tumblr, each of these social networks give users ways to connect with their friends, fans and followers. Pheed, who’s motto is “Express Yourself,” aims to bring together the the best of social media -- while still allowing the Pheed content to be shared on other social networks. 

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Available in both mobile and web-based, the mobile version of the site provides users with access tothe same features that are seen on the web-based version. Once mobile users sign-in, they are redirected to their timeline, which is similar to the news feed that Facebook offers. Accounts can be created by linking a user's Facebook or Twitter account or signing up through email. Posts can include text, photo, video, audio or live-stream videos. Users can then choose to like, comment and remix (or share)a Pheed with friends. Content can also be shared through other social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and through email.

To start a new feed, users merely have to select an option, pick the category and add the content.

How to get Pheed

As a free app, Pheed is available to Apple users that have iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher.

Currently, there isn't an app available for Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry users.

Learning Opportunities


There are a variety of different features that make Pheed and its iPhone app a worthwhile investment. Highlight's include:

  • Unlike many other social media sites, Pheed gives users the option to view posts by type. For example, users can choose to see only audio posts or text posts.
  • As was mentioned, instead of posting content from events that have already been finished, users can broadcast Pheeds from their channel, allowing users to stream live events directly from the social network, without having to redirect users to another site.
  • Using a Twitter-like search function, users can search a specific channel or hashtag.
  • Users have a voice-note option that can dictate their thoughts, instead of typing them into a post.


So far, there are very few design flaws in the mobile app version of Pheed, as it’s easy to use and loads quickly. As a whole, Pheed offers users a good social media tool, but there is one drawback -- users can choose to change from a free Pheed account to a premium one, where they can charge other users access to their channel through either pay-per view live broadcasts or monthly channel subscriptions, ranging from US$ 1.99 to US$ 34.99.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Pheed appears to be a network gearing towardspeople who want to follow the latest pop culture trend or celebrity, but it can be utilized as a marketing tool for means of promotion, as well as introduce new ways to connect with users through the broadcast features such as product releases or live demos.

Despite the fact that users can choose to have paid or free content, this can prove to be a good way for businesses to increase their fan baseand business revenue by having exclusive content that’s only available to users who follow the business on their premium Pheed account.