For this week's Mobile App of the Week, we're looking at the recently launched Android version of Todoist, a task management application.

Todoist is one of many task management apps aimed at users who want an alternative to calendar apps, such as Fantastical and Google Calendar. Like other similarly named apps, such as Tasks to Do and Astrid Task and To Do List, Todoist is an organizational tool for weekly and daily tasks.


What Todoist Offers

Upon installing the app, users are prompted to either sign in with their Google Account, another email or to sign up for an account. From there, the app offers a few basic features aimed at helping users organize their schedules. First, users create a project and then add tasks. Once a task is created, it can be edited, made a priority task, have notes added to it or postponed. Some of the key features the app offers include:

  • The ability to see tasks, even when offline.
  • Tasks can be saved to the Todoist’s cloud server.
  • A Todoist plug-in is available for a variety of different platforms -- such as Chrome and Firefox-- allowing users lists to be automatically synced across all enabled devices once a day.

For US$ 29 per year, users can upgrade to a Todoist Premium account. Additional features include:

  • SMS email or mobile push reminders
  • Tasks are organized by colored labels and search filters
  • Personal productivity can be monitored through the Todoist website
  • Lists can be manually synced across all devices -- and for those with an iPhone it's compatible with iCalendar
  • A search task function.

Where to Get Todoist

The Android version of Todoist is available from the Google Play Store for users who have version 2.2 or higher. It currently has a rating of 3.7.

Along with the launch of Todoist's Android app they also launched a version for iPhone users. For those who need task management outside of their mobile devices, there's also a web version, as well as plugins and widgets for Outlook, Firefox, Chrome, Mac and Thunderbird. All versions can be downloaded from the Todoist website.

Final Thoughts

The free version of Todoist doesn't really offer users much in terms of features and therefore it doesn't stand out from other task management tools. Although it's easy to use, I found that I'd be better off writing my daily tasks in a notebook, instead of wasting my time with an app. For those who want to use Todoist, I'd recommend the premium version since you get far more features and are notified about important tasks.

Overall, if you're looking for something to list a few meetings or appointments on, then Todoist would be a satisfactory app -- for the busy professional however,  I'd stick with a calendar or upgrade to the premium version.