Moxie Updates Chat, Email, Knowledge Spaces

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Moxie Updates Chat, Email + Knowledge Spaces
Moxie Software, a provider ofcustomer service software, has updated parts of its Spaces technology. The changes provide customer service agents access to things like instant messaging file uploads, mobile support and even real time language translation.

Providing Proper Service

People increasingly turn to online and mobile channels when they seek customer service and companies like Moxie, Kana and Oracle-RightNow build the software companies employ to help them find the answers they are seeking. Moxie Spaces offers customer service tools like email, chat, co-browsing, knowledge base, collaboration and social media that help customers get answers from agents or self-service options.

With its latest round of updates, Moxie Chat, Email and Knowledge Spaces  have all been upgraded. We love instant messaging at CMSWire, so we'll start there. Chat Spaces is a tool that enables instant messaging sessions to start inside of a website. Now customers can even upload files if they need to share something with an agent, Nikhil Govindaraj, vice president of products at Moxie Software said in an interview.

Chat Spaces also has an updated interface that can detect device types, making chat possible on a variety of devices. Additionally, when a company has a deluge of requests in a particular language, a real time translator can be employed for overflow support.

"Real time translation in a chat window may not be the best way to help people in different languages, but it's good for when overflow support is needed," Govindaraj said.

More Security

Chat Spaces has also padded the security requirements for customers that need an extra layer of protection. Industries like healthcare come to mind because customers don't want to reveal sensitive information without the right authorization.

For handling emails, Moxie Email Spaces has expanded support for additional email protocols, and made workflow routing and message tracking more transparent. Added transparency is especially needed in large systems where thousands of emails are being routed around, and a bottleneck can really slow things down. Email Spaces also now has built-in controls for managing attachments.

Certain roles may be required to only use a particular kind of format in an email attachment, and still other formats may not be allowed altogether, for example. Email attachments can be security risks, Govindaraj noted, so this type of capability helps to deal with that.


Updated Chat Spaces agent view with real time translation.

Knowledge Base Spaces, Moxie Roadmap

One way for customers to self serve is to employ a knowledge base and Moxie has upgraded here with more relevant searches. Autonomy powers Moxie's search capability in Knowledge Base Spaces, and customers can now tweak the search engine to make search results more relevant.

Learning Opportunities

"We see more power users searching the knowledge base, and this helps them find what they want," Govindaraj said.

Some customers have over 100,000 articles in their knowledge base, he added, and Moxie has also added tools to help customers manage that content. Content metadata can now be exported into a spreadsheet for batch editing and tagging. That data can then be uploaded back to the knowledge base, saving time and effort at scale.

All of these changes have to do with where Moxie is headed in 2014. The 2013 Gartner MQ for CRM Web customer service named Moxie a leader, and over the next year, Moxie is broadly focused on analytics, unstructured data and video, Govindaraj said.

A video feature could go hand in hand with Moxie's co browsing tool, for example, because customers are now more comfortable with the format, he said. Moxie is popular in the financial, retail, high tech and healthcare industries, but is broadly used anywhere there are sales and service channels, Govindaraj said. Oracle RightNow had been the company's biggest competitor, Tara Sporrer, VP of marketing and sales operations said.

Now that Oracle owns RightNow, Moxie doesn't see it as much in competitive bids, she said. Moxie has about 600 customers, and pricing for the Spaces suite is based on a per user per month basis for agent tools. Self service tools are based on the number of sessions, and the company's average deal size is around $200,000, Sporrer said.

It's interesting Oracle RightNow isn't showing up in the marketplace because we've heard this before about Oracle acquisitions. Specifically, Fatwire has now become Oracle WebCenter Sites, and Gartner noted it hasn't been coming up with its clients in its most recent Web CMS MQ. This no doubt works in Moxie's favor, and now that Kana has made its own acquisition of social CRM provider Ciboodle, it will be interesting to see how this market shakes out in 2014.

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