InPowered, a service that helps brands with digital marketing, has launched its Earned Advertising Platform, a platform which allows users to create ad campaigns by themselves without having to work with InPowered professionals.

Inpowered was introduced last December as part of NetShelter, an advertising network. At that time, the cloud based InPowered platform was designed to make advertising easier for companies by curating and promoting favorable content from websites and blogs. It collected this information for the company and showed them how well their product and how well their competitors products were being received. In turn, marketers could use this information to tailor their ads appropriately to help influence consumer response.

What is Earned Advertising?

In a video promoting the product, President and Founder Pirouz Nilforoush said the company’s goal is to: help marketers leverage the trust of earned media in order to influence a broader sense of consumers.”

In using InPowered, companies will have be able to promote the positive aspects and most favorable reviews of their products. Companies will be able to create ads that don’t look like ads, but rather links to articles. They can then pick out what stories they think are the most favorable for a particular product and promote it over a social medium, such as Twitter or Facebook or through the NetShelter network.

This "earned advertising" allows businesses to positively promote their products and allows consumers to see what experts and industry professionals are saying about it -- instead of merely relying on what the company’s marketing department is telling them. With the Inpowered system, users are then able to see charts and statistics on how this ‘earned advertising’ has influenced consumers.

Earned media is really a unique beast; it’s really the holy grail of marketing said Jeremiah Owyang, Partner and Industry Strategist for Altimeter Group “because earned media is the most trusted source of information people have between each other and therefore it resonates the most.”

inPowered Video from erica forte on Vimeo.

What’s in a Name?

Along with the launch of the Earned Advertising platform, it’s been also announced that NetShelter will re-brand themselves with a focus on Inpowered and what it offers users. They will now be called Inpowered Inc., but NetShelter isn't disappearing. It's being incorporated into the Inpowered Inc. parent company to be used along side the Inpowered platform.