When it comes to publishing great user experiences on the iPad, the first name that comes to mind is Adobe (as in Adobe DPS). But there's a new offer in town that takes a different approach to mobile publishing and integrated advertising.

Mobile Experiences That Are Exceptional

Let's start off with a short clip:

The video is a clip of Band of the Day, an iPad/iPhone music magazine app that introduces a new band every day. It is built on a mobile platform developed by 955 Dreams -- a platform that is now available to publishers who are looking to create the next generation of "exceptional mobile experiences."

955 Dreams actually has two things you might be interested in. The first is the ability to use its mobile publishing platform -- perfect for publishers who require real-time or daily publishing. This is a SaaS service, so you don't have to install anything.

Maybe though, the Band of the Day app above caught your attention because you are marketing your product or service to people who pay attention to the entertainment industry. If so, then you'll be interested to know 955 Dreams is looking for advertisers.


Band of the Day Menu

A New Way to Surface Ads

About six to nine months ago, 955 Dreams decided to bring ads into the Band of the Day app. But they didn't just want a product that placed ads as it pleased with no interaction from designers/developers. Finding nothing that suited their need to include the ad in the high end experience, it was decided that they would build their own ad engine.

“Our goal has always been to do right by our users and we didn’t want to compromise our values by inserting ads that don’t enhance the user’s experience. So we built our own ad engine from the ground-up and created an experience that unlocks the potential of mobile advertising,” said Kiran Bellubbi, Founder and CEO.

The ad engine uses the same internal publishing engine as the publishing platform. Rather than use libraries to render banner ads, 955 Dream's platform works in a way that enables developers more control over the ads that are rendered within their content.

Learning Opportunities


Band of the Day display ad

Through the use of RESTful API's, developers can get a stream of ads to select from for their publication. These ads can be selected based on:

  • User Characteristics -- essentially all the demographics you can list
  • Behaviour Characteristics -- things like what was the user last reading, what are they reading now, etc..

The server determines the ad stream you see, you determine the ad that is actually displayed. This allows for a contextual relevant ad experience that you are best able to define.

Let's take this one step further. If you like the idea of selecting your own ads for your publication, you can integrate the 955 Ad platform with your existing publication system. The Ad engine can integrate with most of today's content management systems and custom built solutions can be integrated at no cost.

A New Approach to Mobile Advertising

Space is limited on smartphone and tablet devices. Attention is limited. We expect our mobile experiences to be really good, or we just don't come back. 955 Dreams has an interesting approach to  integrating ads into the experience and not simply having them as an add-on. The ads are not only contextually relevant, but they suit the experience of the entire publication. We see this with high end print magazines whose editors carefully select the ads that appear (and where they appear).

That same editorial experience can now be part of your digital publication. Time to check it out?