This week Sprout Social launched a new initiative aimed at helping brands better measure and improve social media engagement.

Are You Present in Your Brand's Engagement?

The campaign, called #BePresent, offers a new engagement report, which all brands are invited to generate and download. It’s free and can be found at Yet, it’s so much more than that. Sure, the free engagement report uses proprietary models to identify messages likely needing a response and measures the brand’s responsiveness to those inquiries, which is cool. But ultimately, the report serves to help brands find opportunities to better manage workflow, allocate resources and improve engagement, which is really the heart and soul of any social media management strategy.


an example of the engagement reports comparison of rates and times by audience size.

Within each report, users can find a number of relevant statistics including their response rate, the average response times and industry and peer-group benchmarks. The goal is that by downloading the report, brands will amp up their social media management roles and responsibilities. Perhaps seeing the reality of your brand’s responsiveness will empower companies to take social media’s impact on customer experience more seriously, which in turn can give social media and community managers more resources to improve their communications. 

What’s In It for Sprout Social?

Once a report is generated, Sprout monitors activity in real-time and users can check back as often as they wish to update their report or look to the Sprout Social platform for more in-depth reporting.

What I like most about the engagement report is that it doesn’t determine or give a final “score” or highlight one most important metric. Rather, it’s meant to show relative performance, which hopefully will encourage companies to look at their management strategy more holistically, instead of focusing on just one piece or aiming to achieve a specific score.

an example of a brand's response rate's and activity.

Additionally, Sprout is launching a new suite of features in their Social Media Management (SMM) platform to coincide with this initiative. New features will allow Sprout customers to benefit from more detailed engagement reporting, additional analytics over time, multi-profile summation of data and responses, as well as overall engagement metrics and indicators to keep teams apprised of their performance in real-time.

The path to social media success is dependent upon a brand’s ability to listen, respond and learn from their customers’ experiences. Taking the first step to measure your effectiveness requires that you show up and #BePresent.