An interesting thing is happening -- traditional social media management tools are evolving into community management tools. Previously, we’ve explored the difference between doing social media and managing a community. And as more social media managers have evolved their roles, the tools they use have been slow to catch up. Recently, however, a few have been adding more functionality so that users can monitor engagement more holistically.

Publish & Post More Effectively

Today, Sprout Social has launched two new publishing tools designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of content posted to Twitter and other social networks.

  • Sprout Queue allows users to add content to a publishing queue for automated future delivery. Content can be queued from Sprout’s web, mobile or browser extension applications to streamline the publishing process and enable teams to collaborate on content for improved efficiency. Posts are then published automatically based on user preferences or through Sprout’s new premium publishing engine, ViralPost.
  • ViralPost analyzes your audience to determine the optimal times for you to deliver content based on usage and engagement patterns, content velocity and other factors. Using this insight, ViralPost automatically delivers content at the precise moment it will have the greatest impact. According to Sprout Social, the timing models used have been shown to improve engagement by 30% for the average user and as much as 300% in some cases. 

These two tools alone may not mean much, but coupled with the rest of what Sprout Social has to offer, social media management evolves into a more robust platform through which managers can not only publish content, but create a workflow that takes advantage of engaged user behaviors and group collaboration. These tools exist outside of Sprout Social, but by integrating them within the management platform managers can stay focused and efficient.

We spoke briefly with Sprout Social’s CEO and co-founder, Justyn Howard about these two new tools and we were impressed that the ViralPost tool does more than just look at the peak engagement times. Realizing that the best time to send updates may not be when news feeds are being flooded by others, VirualPost also looks for the times users are actively engaged but not overwhelmed, so your content can be most impactful.

Seeing the Big Picture

So how do these social media management tools lend themselves to better community management? By enabling managers to do more than just publish content, Sprout Social is helping to approach engagement holistically based on the actions and behaviors of others, whether it be team members or customers. Seeing the forest through the trees helps keep everyone on track and users appropriately engaged.