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August beckons, and, in the news over the past week: Qstream has updated its sales-based scenarios, Vidyard is now playing nicer with Salesforce's Pardot, CredSpark has released embeddable social quizzes, and Exponential Interactive unveils three new interactive ad formats.

Three New Ad Formats

Three new video-enabled ad formats have been released by Exponential Interactive, a provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions.

There's an expandable "billboard" video format called Blaze, a format that expands within in-stream video players called Ad Engage, and an expandable ad for mobile devices, Video Snackbar.

"The aim is to get viewers to spend as much time as possible engaging with your brand, but this isn't possible if you think like TV," chief strategy office Doug Conely told news media.

"It must be opt-in," he added, "then draw the viewer in gently, give them options and set their expectations. If you don't do these, people will drop out quickly or won't engage in the first place."

Qstream Enhances Mobile Scenarios


Burlington, Mass.-based Qstream has updated its mobile solution. The company offers scenario-based challenges for increasing performance and changing behaviors among sale reps.

The updates include next-gen native apps for Android and iOS devices, expanded single sign-on, and an enhancement in data sharing with Salesforce, learning management portals and custom sales portals.

Additionally, challenges can now be configured as game-based Live Qstreams, Qstreams with time limits for responses, or an always-on Qstream sales channel.

Vidyard Integrates with Pardot

Vidyard, a video marketing platform, is now integrated with Salesforce's Pardot marketing automation platform.

The integration allows Pardot users to identify online video views and follow their viewing histories on landing pages, corporate web sites, third-party sites and social media channels, as a component of lead scoring, qualification and automated nurture efforts. Pardot customers can also send videos from Salesforce CRM or Chatter, and get a notification when the video has ended.

2014-31-July-Vidyard Prospect List-Images.jpg

A prospect list in Vidyard

CredSpark's Embeddable Social Quizzes

New York City-based CredSpark, which calls itself the "world's first social testing platform," has launched an embeddable tool so that brands can utilize social quizzes related to their content.

“People want guidance online, not just entertainment," founder and CEO Lev Kaye said in a statement. "The first step in guiding people is learning exactly what they do and don’t understand, in a time and cost efficient manner.”