Those tasty fingers of chocolate biscuit take on extra meaning today as the latest version of Android arrives to add flavor to the new range of devices and upgrade those that were losing their bite. 

Google's $349 Nexus 5 smartphone has also been made official, challenging rival devices to a major selling fight over the holiday season.

What else does the company have to offer fans and users increasingly tempted by less-expensive Apple devices, a wide range of Nokia Windows phones and others? 

Happy Halloween Android Fans

If Google was truly thinking ahead, the new version of Android should be called Kreepy Kup Kake — even if only for one day. It would be gothic purple and black UI, hints of pumpkin around the icons and would play The Addams Family theme when a call came in.

However, the company's marketing team was obviously working very hard and it'd be almost a shame to ruin the KitKat and Android tie-ins that have resulted in some rather clever advertisements. The new OS has been officially revealed by Google today along with the Nexus 5 smartphone that it unwittingly displayed earlier in the month. 

A number of recent figures show Nokia proving its strength and fighting back in the market, BlackBerry perhaps about to surprise as a services company or with a big-name partner and Apple doing very well at defending its turf. All of which means, even with a billion plus devices out there, Android as a collective, and Google specifically needs to keep up the momentum.

And a mid-price high-end phone will certainly win Google many users. The black 16GB model sold out within minutes of going on sale on the Google Play store, while it is also available on AT&T, Sprint but not Verizon. 

What's Under the Wrapper?

The new KitKat version of Android should also help the ecosystem as a whole, using optimizations and memory efficiency to allow older devices to update, despite their aging specifications. That might dent some upgrade sales, but enhance loyalty from those who might have been thinking about shifting to another platform. 

Extra features include improved control over your TV or smart TV, compatibility with the upcoming army of smartwatches and 'wearable devices' plus improved Bluetooth support to help it pair with your external keyboards, speakers and other devices when using it for media or productivity. 

Over the last few days, most major Google apps have received updates ahead of the new OS. They include; Google Play Services, Gmail Drive, Calendar, Earth, Chrome and Hangouts, among others. Android's user interface also gets an overhaul with a cleaner look. 

The Nexus 5 meanwhile, if you'd somehow missed all the leaks is basically a tweaked LG G2 product wrapped in a Nexus skin and sporting a 1080p full-HD 5-inch display, 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU, 4G LTE and starting at 16GB. Supposedly priced at $349, it should be snapped up.