Leading Windows Phone maker Nokia is inviting the press to an event next month to show off the future of the Lumia range. Expect more than just the Lumia 928 as the company pushes out from its recent turnaround. 

What's the Next Big Thing?

Nokia has shown in recent weeks that it still has lots of plans for the Lumia range, and with sales rising, will be looking to push the range in terms of both devices and services. The event will take place on 14 May in London, England, with not much of a clue beyond an invite to see what's next. We've already seen plenty about the upcoming Lumia 928, but that pretty much follows the current range.

We wonder if Nokia will instead by tempted to produce something a little more executive-looking, perhaps in a metal casing to appeal to the higher-end business user, or just users why don't want their phones looking rather Lego-like in those bright colors. That will also help it compete with the likes of Samsung's ATIV Windows Phone line which has executive chic stamped all over it. 

There's also a good chance the company will widen the range further with something between the Lumia 620 and 520 and the higher-end models. With the company having sold 5.6 million Lumia phones in the last quarter, it will be looking to push into every avenue and market to continue generating momentum for Windows Phones. 

Loving the Competition

With Samsung and Apple (on the back of its own recent solid results) still leading the way in smartphones, will Nokia be looking to widen its competitive platform with entry into the tablet market? Now that Microsoft has opened up the Windows device requirements, now would be a good time for .

Nokia will also be looking to push its services too, the arrival of its Maps app on iOS seems to have come and gone without much fuss, so expect the company to try and reinvigorate that, its music apps and other services with new features.

We'll report from the event, which sees the mobile players getting back into their stride after their post-Mobile World Congress break. Samsung promised further Unpacked events to come and everyone is waiting to see if Apple will do anything before the Fall.