OpenCms 8.5 Released: Adds CMIS Standards, Solr Integration

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Alkacon Software's OpenCms released version 8.5, a major update that includes inline editing, Solr integration and adoption of CMIS standards.

It's been a year since OpenCms version 8.0.2 came out, and that was only an incremental update. For those eager to view the latest version, there are free demos available and because it is open source, the entire system is ready for download now.

Major Update

One of the main hightlights of OpenCms 8.5 is the inline editor, an edit in place option that speeds up quick page edits with a simplified, non-technical interface. Additionally, the form based content editor, the more formal tool, has been rebuilt to be faster to use. When content is saved into a page, there is no longer a confirmation required as the info is saved directly.


Inline editing allows for quick edits without going through the dashboard.

There's a new undo option for all changes done on a page that hasn't been published, and an option to edit content directly from the clipboard favorites. Even the text editor itself is new (based on CodeMirror). Version 8.5 is backward compatible to all prior 8.x and 7.x versions. For those using OpenCms Enterprise Extensions, to use OpenCms 8.5, OCEE v3.5 is required. OCEE must be updated first to run the new OpenCms version.

Learning Opportunities

CMIS Standard + Solr Integration

Solr integration is good news for enterprises who are going the open source route and want to include a solid search infrastructure. As for the included CMIS standard, it shows the OpenCms community is serious about adopting accepted practices regarding document management using Web protocols. 

CMIS is a valuable tool for creating interoperability between data repositories, and its adoption here is important. It's all the more relevant becuase there is already talks underway to adopt a new standard called the Web Experience Management Initiative. 

This new OASIS initiative kicked off discussions in April, and as it moves forward, more vendors will no doubt take notice. The OpenCms community is an active one, so if they aren't already following along, they likely will be as WEMI gets closer to adoption.