New Optify Premium Editions Turns Inbound Marketers into Power Marketeters
In June, Optify introduced a Digital Marketing Software Suite designed to help digital agencies keep track of the comings and goings across all digital channels. But what if you’re managing more than one brand or have brands that are split across countries? Can you really expect that one marketing suite can handle it all?

Power to the Marketers

Today, Optify has launched a premium edition of its Inbound Marketing Software suite. Designed for what it calls ‘power marketers’, the new edition gives unlimited access to Optify’s rich visitor and lead intelligence data, while including access to its Marketing API, multi-domain management tools, and support for more global search engines, keywords, page views and emails.

Optify CEO Rob Eleveld estimates that 10-20% of Optify’s current customers are power marketers. As a result, they wanted to target the sophisticated organization, who may have multiple subgroups, representing multiple product lines. At present, their current inbound marketing suite only allowed one domain per account and limited streams of data to tell them about their customers.

Owning the API (Before It Owns You)

With the Premium Edition, Optify thinks access to Optify's API is critical. It provides more than just generic web stats; rather it mines data better and more in-depth, allowing for better leader generation and marketing intelligence.

But just giving access to an API doesn't make marketers better. It's like opening the floodgates and if you're not prepared you could drown in a sea of data. Which is why Optify's premium edition will also provide users with the training they need to understand how to use the API and how to customize the data to fit their needs. Having a personal API coach on hand can be the difference between swimming upstream or using the stream to carry you in the right direction.

With Optify’s Premium Edition, power marketers have access to: 

  • New Optify Marketing API: Easily pull data for custom reporting and in-depth analysis. Use the API to access website traffic and visitor history details for every individual visitor, lead or contact that comes to your site.
  • Flexible Integration Capabilities: Pull website traffic and visitor intelligence data from Optify into any existing CRM or marketing application.
  • Multi-Domain Management: Companies managing SEO and tracking the impact of marketing programs across multiple sites can now easily manage everything in one place. Includes fifteen domains out of the box, with more available as add-ons.
  • Premium Access: The ability to track and analyze more domains, page views, keywords, landing pages and emails campaigns.

With the ability to manage up to 15 domains through one suite, power marketers can better monitor and manage all their accounts so they can glean information and share insights about their brands, customers and products more effectively. Additionally, the premium edition provides a evolutionary model for users who are not yet power marketers, but will soon be. The advanced analytics and access is a great, next step for when marketers start to evolve their brand and diversify their products .

Optify’s Premium Edition is available immediately for US$ 1,500/month. Other Optify editions include Express Edition for US$ 300/month and Professional Edition for US$ 600/month.