Oracle Commerce, Social + Eloqua Integration Update #oow13
Larry Ellison may have embraced the cloud, but the reality is it still takes at least a year or more to integrate complex enterprise technology, and we've got updates on the status of tools like ATG Web Commerce, Eloqua, Vitrue and Involver.

Cloud Options to Speed Up Integrations

If and when Oracle truly moves more of its offerings to the cloud, it should become a nimbler company, but it's not there yet. However, the integration of at least two recent Oracle acquisitions is indeed moving forward, and ATG Web Commerce and Vitrue are one step closer to being fully complimentary.

Eloqua, on the other hand, is still rolling out its integration, though it does have the ability to connect to the Oracle Social Relationship Management tools. This social listening and marketing suite can pull in social profile data from Eloqua, a marketing automation tool. That data can then be used so interact with people and post messages to various social media sites.

Vitrue, and all of the other tools Oracle has acquired over the last three years, appear to be undergoing a constant shuffle of new labels and names. Social is a fast moving area, and so we don't expect that situation to change anytime soon. Vitrue is morphing into what's officially being called the Oracle Social Marketing tool. It too lives in the Social Relationship manager along with Social Network and Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud.

Oracle Commerce now connects to Social Marketing (Vitrue) to allow product catalog selections to be used in targeting people on social media, for example. Likewise, Social Marketing can extend shopping cart checkout info with Commerce (ATG), just one part of the ongoing integration of the two.

"There's no copying of data, and when they hit the Commerce site, their social profile data gets pulled in including buying history," Gary Kirschner, Oracle product manager said during an Oracle OpenWorld presentation.

Oracle Commerce, Social + Eloqua Integration Update #oow13
Oracle's customer experience overview includes tools like Commerce, Social and Marketing.

B2B Organizations Lagging on Social

 Among Oracle customers, retailers are leading the way on ecommerce, Kirschner said, but even they are struggling with social. On the B2B side, organizations are even further behind, and there Oracle doesn't really have any large customers on the social side of things, he said.

This is perhaps not too surprising to hear, considering the investment those companies must make on an Oracle implementation. But at least when it comes to retailers, there are some large Oracle customers that are adopting the Social Cloud. Kirschner gave a presentation on making shopping social with Rahim Fazal, senior director of product marketing strategy at Oracle. Fazal had been the founder of Involver, a social media management tool focused on Facebook in particular.

Learning Opportunities

While Social Marketing and Commerce were the focus of the session, the presenters also commented on Oracle's overall social product strategy. Oracle Social integrates with more than 10 social networks, Kirschner said, and the company is now focusing more on popular networks in southeast Asia such as WeChat.

"Our goal is to take care of 80% of the most popular sites, and that is driven by our customers," Kirschner said.

Fazal added it is hard to predict what social technologies will be popular in the future, but the customers had spoken, and so Oracle must be there.

"We have to redesign ourselves in the enterprise," Fazal said.