PaperShare, a real-time web publishing company has announced its moved out of beta and is publicly releasing its cloud-based, real-time publishing engine.

Improving the Digital Marketing Process

In today's digital, fast-paced world, customers are no longer spending a few hours browsing the internet from a desktop computer, but are constantly connected to the web with mobile and tablet devices. As a result, they want content to be readily available to them, which means social channels have to be continually updated with new content in order to keep up with customer demand.

PaperShare has taken this development into account and with its new cloud-based platform aims to improve the customer acquisition process. PaperShare makes content a central focus, believing that if the content posted is well-received and engaging, the customer acquisitions will follow.

"It’s both exhilarating and humbling to finally launch the PaperShare vision: the idea that the existing customer acquisition process is broken, and that content is the disruptive for re-imagining this last mile between your brand and the customers you want to reach,” said PaperShare CEO, David Greschler in a blog post.

Through the PaperShare engagement dashboard users are able to not only have social, marketing and sales tools, but can see contextual analytics. Marketers and sales teams can also engage and respond to customer posts across multiple social channels in a efficient and timely fashion.


In addition to this, instead of updating social channels and colleagues one by one, with the PaperShare publishing engine users will able to post content across a variety channels, such as social media, blogs and email, while also sending updates to sales teams with a single click.

The platform also includes real-time content updates so that a business can keep up to date with customers and includes a content-based social login tool so that users can gain access to content from whichever social channel they are using.

Who are PaperShare?

PaperShare, which operates under the motto of “Your Content. Published Everywhere. Customers Delivered.” was founded in 2011 to improve the customer acquisition process. According to a company statement they currently have about 40 clients, including Pardot and Microsoft and have raised 1.8 million in Series A funding through companies such as Rembrandt Venture Partners.