Who says marketing automation solutions are only for large organizations? Pardot aims their cloud-based solution at the needs of the SMB market and the functionality just became a bit easier to use.

Email Marketing Made Easy

While Pardot's marketing automation solution is about more than email marketing, that is a component that many SMBs use heavily. So Pardot has made some enhancements to this capability in its Winter 2012 product release.

For starters, there's a new email builder on tap:


Pardot Email Template

The first thing you will notice is that visually, this editor is easier to understand and work with. You can mark sections of your email as header, footer, sidebar and customize each with a few clicks. This latest update offers 36 new out of the box layout templates as well, so you don't have to start from scratch.

Don't Forget Those Forms

Forms are another popular lead generation tool and Pardot has added a new Form Builder to make that process much easier. 

Learning Opportunities

Winter2012Release_Form Builder.PNG

Pardot Form Builder

Using the Form Builder you can set form fields during the form creation process and you can use fields that  forms, customizing them as required.

Finally, along with the new Email and Form Builders, Pardot has launched the Pardot Now training program with a number of new courses to help you get up to speed on Pardot's solutions and how they can help you improve your own marketing processes.

Ease and simplicity are key to getting marketers to use these tools. They need to act and react quickly to what's happening in their markets today. Tools like these will go a long way to help.