Perceptive Brings Intelligent Capture To Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to access and capture all customer or account-related data from any form within the customer relationship management solution, when and where it is needed.

Capturing Data for Customer Relationships 

As an intelligent data capture vendor, Perceptive is not generally seen knocking around in the customer relationship management space. At this year’s Microsoft Convergence conference, however, it was right at the heart of it all with the release of Interact, which enables users capture all their customer related data from what ever source it comes from.

Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is exactly what you might expect it to be. It captures customer information, including account data from any kind of form that has been placed in Dynamics CRM.

While the management of, or access to,this kind of information might normally fall under the umbrella of enterprise content management, to get one of these systems up and running can take considerable time and involve considerable investment.

This is particularly true where integration with legacy systems is required and where it might not even be possible to access data contained in your enterprise CMS from your CRM.

If data is money then this is going to be a huge waste of money. As more and more information from disparate sources pour into different departments in the enterprise this problem is aggravated as the data load gets heavier.

Perceptive Interact Offers Cross-Departmental Data Access

So, why not capture the information and pump it directly in the CRM system? This is the solution that Perceptive has come up with for Dynamics CRM.

Using Perceptive Interact users are offered access to content throughout the entire enterprise including data like customer correspondence, invoices, purchase orders, inventory listings and other sorts of structured data within Dynamics CRM.

Learning Opportunities

With Interact,businesses process are also greatly improved. When, for example, a sales representative needs approval for something from a department outside of sales, by uploading the document through Interact, the system will automatically start the approval process with the result being relayed back to the initiator.

Other things that will help ease Interact's entry into the enterprise is thatusers outside the CRM system can also access the content.

As content is created and associated within the system, users outside of Dynamics CRM can be notifiedthat documents have been created and will be allowed view or even edit them, entirely outside the system.

There are too many features with Interact to look at in detail here, but some of them do address some of the bugbears associated with data capture. These include:

  • Distributed Capture: Capture documents as needs be from anywhere within a distributed CRM system.
  • Central management: Centrally manage electronic documents and scanned images of paper documents, allowing users to search and access them from within the CRM.
  • Indexing: No point in having a pile of documents in your system if you can't find them.

With the ability to capture information through distributed systems this means that ability to capture information from all over the enterprise, even if the enterprise is spread geographically across the world.More from Perceptive as it happens.

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