Pinterest Evolves for the Mobile User with iPad and Android Versions

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With the tablet market about to go into overdrive, Pinterest has updated its mobile apps to offer distinct iPad and Android versions, to cater for those shiny new media-rich screens.

Pinning Is Winning

With Pinterest's phenomenal growth, the service is making new users and friends at a huge rate. And, as the leading social concept for a female audience, it can look rather hectic judging by its front page. There's some fashion, fancy cakes, Orlando Bloom and much more going on. 

It starts to make more sense when you sign up and start posting, and it makes even more sense when you try it with a mobile, able to take your own pictures. But the apps have lagged behind the service's ambitions recently. But the new updates bring things firmly into focus. With a huge boost in tablet users coming, Pinterest is now ready to cater for even more users. 

For the iOS user, there is an all-new iPad app that makes it easy to pin, repin and browse the web, wheil the iPhone gets improved usability and improvements for better stability and performance. New users can also sign up from within the app, for an all-mobile experience. 


Pinterest debuts of Android

Learning Opportunities

Android users get their first native Pinterest app which offers a world of discovery, collecting, and sharing of both information and inspiration. All of this as the service recently opened up for all, without the need for an invite. 

The Quest for Numbers

This drive is about Pinterest ramping up the numbers of users as quickly as possible, so that it gets to a state where it can introduce sufficient revenue from advertising or another avenue, look good for a possible acquisition, or perhaps even, one day, an IPO. 

To cater for the growing user base, Pinterest is adding new content categories all the time with weddings, tattoos and quotations the most recent additions. By growing users and the amount of content they can add, the slightly crazy world of Pinterest should continue to grow and endear its users (not something you can really say about Facebook now). 

Time will tell if this is the next big social media event, but for now things are looking pretty good and with huge numbers of tablet users about to appear, it could easily become one of the most popular apps as word spreads.