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Shotfarm, which hosts product content for the retail industry, has joined content delivery network (CDN) Akamai’s NetAlliance partner program, giving the retailer/manufacturer platform the support of a global media distribution network. 

Chicago-based Shotfarm offers hosting for manufacturers who wish to offer product images to retailers through a central location, including zooming of a product, 3D spinning, video and other rich media assets that are increasingly being shown in online catalogs and other venues.Shotfarm’s solution includes a mobile-optimized HTML5 product viewer, and Akamai’s extensive CDN will now be providing backbone support to Shotfarm-based content.

Manufacturers, Meet Retailers

Brad Rinklin, SVP and chief marketing officer at Shotfarm, said in a statement that the companies' partnership "is designed to provide etailers with an optimized, high performance website that can take full advantage of rich media to present their products to customers in the best light possible.”

Shotfarm’s Product Content Network is intended to simplify the transfer and management of product content between manufacturers and retailers. The company contends that its product content network makes the process of getting product content from manufacturers to retailers about 85% more efficient, as it distills countless inquiries between manufacturers and retailers into one central exchange. Retailers use the platform to access their suppliers' content from a single interface.

Learning Opportunities

The platform offers free levels, plus additional tools at an added cost. Suppliers are allowed to upload an unlimited number of images to the platform, and retailers can download an unlimited number of high-resolution files. Shotfarm provides low cost tools for such batch functions as custom download sizes, file types, color, naming conventions, file destinations or background removal.

Like a CD of Images

Shotfarm’s rich media hosting for e-commerce includes support for hosted MP4, YouTube, Vimeo, color swatching with auto swatch generation, inventory support and management tools. “Think of Shotfarm as a CD of images that you sent by mail to a retail partner," the company says on its website.

Akamai launched its Net Alliance Partner Program in July 2011, as a way for customers to choose partner companies which would help to utilize its servers and services around the world.