When the founder of paid content, Rafat Ali, started his new venture Skift, he wanted not only to provide news, but data, tools and services, as well. To make this happen, he turned to the folks at PublishThis.

Four Critical Content Elements

Skift, a travel intelligence media company, brings together four elements that have become the hallmark of PublishThis -- aggregation, content curation, licensed and original content -- all of which aim to add value and a customizable experience for the user.



We met up with PublishThis last week at Content Marketing World and got a glimpse of the what the content curation platform can do.

Create, Curate and Customize Content

During the conference we learned that a majority of content marketing professionals think their biggest challenge is producing enough content. PublishThis helps to diffuse this challenge by offering a plethora of content tools that help publishers keep their users engaged even if they don’t have enough original content to fill their feeds.

The idea is that publishers can supplement their sites with information that’s not only relevant to their audience, but easy to update and customize. The web-based app allows users to customize the content that feeds into their site based on unique keywords, conditions and outlets.


When we think of social media marketing, we emphasize the need to assert your authority by not just talking about what you do, but by incorporating information from other sources, as well. When it comes to content marketing, the same strategy applies. The goal for many sites isn’t just to provide the best original content, but also to serve as a hub for best content from across the web. This way, customers don’t get bored -- and they find a reason to come back.

The Future of Content Marketing, Publishing

Currently PublishThis is available through an API or via their app. Soon, however, it will serve as a home base for clients who wish to host their sites with it, giving them the ability to build microsites. Additionally, PublishThis is working to improve the quality of content with a social trending algorithm that measures what is trending or popular in social based on the number of retweets, shares and likes based on your specific topic filters. This helps with content discovery for the curator, and the algorithm can be leveraged on a website topic page to publish automated content that defaults to what is "trending" rather than the more traditional "most recent" category.

Whether or not you agree that curation and aggregation is the future of content marketing, there’s no denying that the way users interact and engage with content is changing the face of web publishing. PublishThis gives content publishers a means for discovering and optimizing content, while giving content creators an opportunity to extend their reach of their words.