customer experience: qualtrics mobile survey

Insight technology provider Qualtrics has released Qualtrics Mobile, a research tool that helps businesses gather customer insight from smartphone or tablet devices in both an offline and online capacity.

Mobile Insight

It’s not only become a device of choice for many people, but according to stats from Qualtrics, as reported by Forrester [purchase required], smartphone sales and usage has started to overtake PCs. Due to this change in customer trends, companies have started to make their services are more mobile-friendly. For marketers, mobile also gives them a chance to track customer trends across different platforms and develop a more well-rounded experience.

As of today, Qualtrics contribution to this is Qualtrics Mobile. As an extension of the Qualtrics Research Suite, Qualtrics Mobile is a solution that gives businesses and other companies the ability to create online and offline surveys for any mobile operating system. These responses can then be used to gather key customer insight.

qualtrics mobile

Along with the surveys, features included in the Qualtrics Mobile package are a responsive feature that adapts to the device a survey respondent is using, a Mobile Capability Advisor that double checks a survey’s capability for the device, a device detection tool and the ability to gather insight from these surveys even if the respondent is offline. This data can help with customer response time and a business’ decision making problems.

Despite the fact that the Qualtrics Mobile can detect the device being used including Palm, Blackberry and Windows Mobile a Qualtrics Offline Surveys component is only available as an app from iTunes and Google Play.

It’s All Been Done … Kind of

The idea to use surveys and gather data from offline users, as well as online ones isn’t new as there are a variety of other apps that can do the same thing -- although Qualtrics version might be a bit more sophisticated. Similar tools and apps include QuickTapSurvey, FluidSurveys, the iSurvey app and SurveyPocket.

Who are Qualtrics?

Founded in 2002, Qualtrics describes itself as the “leading supplier of enterprise data collection and analysis,” by using surveys to help its clients gather customer data that will improve their approach to the customer experience. Along with Qualtrics Mobile there is the Qualtrics Research Suite. The suite is designed to provide detailed market research, customer satisfaction and insight and product feedback by using a simple survey. Other products include Site Intercept a web targeting tool and assessment tool Qualtrics 360. Some of the current Qualtrics clients include Kellogg, Cornell University, FedEx, the U.S Air force Academy and Comcast.