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App search engine Quixey has released Sponsored Apps, a tool that is designed to help advertisers and developers target customers at the discovery stage by matching them to relevant apps to what was searched.

A Maze of Apps

With the invention of mobile devices, cloud platforms and app friendly operating systems like Windows 8 apps are everywhere and for everything from gaming and social media to shopping and weather, with more being created each day. Due to the amount of apps available it’s sometimes hard for developers and advertisers to promote their content and products, and for users to find the app they're looking for.

This is where the Sponsored Apps program comes into play. Designed to enhance the Quixey’s app search it works much like sponsored ads that appear on Google and Facebook as those apps that are ‘sponsored’ will appear before those that aren’t. For example if a person searched ‘last minute hotels' in Quixey a sponsored app such as Hotels Tonight will appear before, Expedia or Rates to Go.

Advertisers Take Note

On its own, the Quixey's app search is a useful tool for users who are tired of trying to navigate app stores or want to compare apps for different devices and platforms. Although, the addition of sponsored apps will prove especially useful to advertisers and developers .

Those doing searches for apps have the highest intent for selecting and downloading apps, so they will be the most likely to convert through those ads as well," said a post written for FB EDucator.

For advertisers and developers, knowing what apps will be higher in a person’s search results will help them and their business make better decisions on who they want to advertise with, what kind of ads are more popular. Also, if the company in question has its own app and it isn't being downloaded, if they choose to promote it this will help increase traffic and revenue.

Advertisers and developers have an innovative and powerful "app context" to reach users in the market for apps across our publisher network." said Jim Delli Santi, Quixey's Product Director of Monetization. "At this volume of monthly searches, advertisers' ability to target by keyword and category provides a unique opportunity for their app to be discovered in a manner not available through any other app advertising solution."

Sponsored Apps is currently available in a beta format to advertisers, developers, brands and anyone interested in app-focused advertising. There hasn't been any mention of when it will be publicly available.

Who Are Quixey?

As a search engine for apps, Quixey was founded in 2009. Users can choose to search all of the apps in the Quixey catalog or specific searches based on platform such as mobile, or by a specific platform like Android or Blackberry. Users can also choose if they want to search free or paid apps.

Other platforms that are compatible with the Quixey search include mobile devices such as the Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad, desktops such as Mac and Windows, browsers like Chrome and web-based platforms webapp and Salesforce.

Over the past few years, Quixey has been concentrating on improving its flagship product through funding. At the beginning of June the company completed a series B funding round with US$ 20 million raised bringing the company's total capital to US$ 24.2 million.