iOS and Android versions of the Salesforce Chatter mobile app have finally been updated to include things like editing accounts, leads and opportunities.

Mobile CRM

The latest update had previously been announced, but Salesforce has been rolling out the features over a period of weeks, and still other features will come later this year. The ability to edit records means mobile workers will simply be able to do more away from their offices.

No CRM system has been able to go completely mobile just yet. Enterprise level systems like this are just too cumbersome for mobile devices, and secure customer information remains another barrier. However, Salesforce seems determined to make as much of its ecosystem available via mobile as is possible, and the latest update is the proof.

Learning Opportunities


Edit records, assign tasks from within the feed and create polls have all been added to iOS and Android mobile apps.

Mobile Customers are Engaged Customers

Having the added flexibility to use the updated features means customers can get more out of mobile interactions. When a salesperson is visiting a customer, it should be easier to get answers, update profiles, and ultimately, close deals.

In a competitive atmosphere, those are the kinds of things that just might give enough on an edge to one company over another. For the customers, it means more of their questions get answered, and more of their concerns get addressed. Instead of multiple meetings and emailing back and forth, mobile sales teams can knock out more work via a smartphone or tablet.

Other features added in the update include accessing customer's custom apps built on Salesforce. This includes apps available in the AppExchange that have been built expressly for a customer's needs. As more custom apps are built with the growing platform, this feature will only get even more powerful.

Both the iOS and Android native apps are available for free download from the Salesforce website or from the App Store or Google Play, respectively.