Salesforce Chatter Update Focuses on the Customer

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Not only does Salesforce Chatter run on more mobile devices than ever, its customer connection ability is now the company's main focus.

Mobile CRM a Reality?

As we wrote last week, Chatter's native iOS and Android apps have more CRM features like editing customer records, a way for mobile sales people to quickly access key data, for example. Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff kicked off the company's latest Chatter campaign recently, and he spoke about the benefits of making companies truly for the customer.

He labeled this trend a trust revolution, and he pointed to the fact customers are more connected and knowledgeable than ever before. Five billion connected mobile devices is the evidence, and the fact so many people are interconnected on social media simply makes it necessary for companies to meet customers there as well.

People expect companies to know who they are no matter where they interact with them, Benioff said at a recent Chatter roll out presentation. Whether a person checks in on a website, social network or support forum, they expect that company to recognize them. This kind of omnipresence is obviously not easy to do, but Benioff seems to think his company is the one that does it the best.


Customer trust may just be the foundation of any business success in the connected age.

Learning Opportunities

Benioff's Head in the Cloud

Just how much customer information should be allowed to be accessed via mobile devices is where the frustration will set in for many. Where is the line between privacy and precision, trust and security? For Chatter users at least, more info is being exposed to mobile devices, and deeper workflow integration allows for more seamless mobile task management.

It should be interesting to see where mobile users come down on this. Will they see Chatter's enhanced features as a boon to their workflow? Maybe the added features will prove to be decent on a tablet, but less so on a smartphone where keying in data is more painful.

Chatter is rolling out more mobile features as the year goes on, so we'll be watching for them as well as Salesforce customers' reactions the latest update.

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