Salesforce Launches Mobile Solutions Optimized for Government

The tornado devastation in Oklahoma points to the need for mobile governmental response systems and, this week, Salesforce is releasing such solutions designed specifically for governmental needs. 

The new mobile offerings -- Rapid Response 311, Mobile Communities for Government, Government Social Command Center and Platform Mobile Services for Government -- allow governmental agencies to respond via virtually any mobile device, and to receive reports from smartphone- or tablet-equipped citizens in the field.

Rapid Responses, Mobile Communities

Rapid Response 311 is based on the Salesforce Service Cloud, and it provides the information for an agent to manage a case via phone, email, web or social media. The company noted that the City of Elgin, Illinois is handling snow cleanup using Rapid Response 311.

With Mobile Communities for Government, such social networking features as profiles, real-time feeds, trending topics, recommendations or influence measurement can be combined with business information in Salesforce to inform collaborative efforts. Salesforce said the FDA is conducting a pilot of Mobile Communities for streamlining approval of drugs and medical devices.

The Government Social Command Center allows agencies to communicate with citizens on social networks, websites or mobile devices, and to measure social media sentiment to understand what citizens consider the most pressing issues. Using Platform Mobile Services, IT departments can readily build and deploy apps to share data, using Salesforce’s infrastructure.

Empowering Citizens

CMSWire spoke with Dan Burton,’s Senior Vice President of the Global Public Sector. He noted that the new mobile solutions enhance the mobile capabilities that have existed in Salesforce by “optimizing them for government agencies.”

Burton pointed to the transformation possible when governments take advantage of the huge network of out-in-the-field citizens with smartphones. To take one example use case, the Rapid Response 311 app for citizens allows them to quickly report a pothole via a smartphone through a simple form and, if desired, a geolocated photo. The agent -- who could be on a desktop back at the agency or in the field on a tablet -- can channel the information while receiving reports from mobile public works crews.

“While most citizens are increasingly mobile,” Burton said, “government agencies are not, and are stuck with legacy software.” It seems like just your average interaction within any large, modern organization, but for governmental agencies and for empowered citizens, such distributed services from Salesforce and others could redefine the speed and capabilities of governmental services, from filling potholes to dealing with disaster emergencies.