Microsoft Takes on the iPad and Siri with Windows 8 Tablets

After the big Spring launches comes the bragging and the competitive advertising. Samsung is seeing rocketing sales, and Microsoft is using Siri to have a dig at Apple's iPad with its own Windows 8 tablets. 

Take That, You Beast

Microsoft doesn't seem to mind taking the confrontational approach when it comes to advertising. We've recently seen it take on Android and iPhones with a Nokia Lumia to promote Windows Phone 8 and now its having a go at Apple in a campaign called "less talking, more doing."

Focusing on updates, multitasking and price (when comparing 64GB devices, with an Asus VivoTab Smart providing the opposition), its cute, but would it really have an impact on buying choice? In the end its the numbers that count, and Apple has sold tens of millions of iPads since Windows 8 arrived, and Windows tablets haven't. But Microsoft is still relatively new to the game, and has the resources to keep the battle going for years.  

Samsung Ahead on the Count

Doing things the proper way, Samsung has proudly announced that it has set a new record for sales of the Galaxy S4, generating 10 million sales in less than a month. That's quicker than any of its predecessors with a new metric estimating that the phone is selling at a rate of four units per second, and there's a host of new models and color options on the way.

In comparison, it took 50 days for the Galaxy S3 to reach 10 million. The S2 and S waited five months and seven months, respectively, to achieve the same number. Which kind of beats down the notion that the smartphone market (for certain devices) is topping out. Sales will only go up when the device hits the Google Play store running Stock Android and overall the Android army is outselling all comers

Apple has yet to release anything in 2013, and is currently busy fighting off politicians investigating its tax affairs, but the wait for the next iPhone and iOS 7 shouldn't be too long, with that OS starting to appear in many web logs.