Nokia Takes On the iPhone and Galaxy in New Lumia Video Test

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Photos and video are so easy to shoot on phones, it is easy to overlook the quality differences, and few of us shoot enough video across devices to compare the results. So, Nokia is taking its message to the streets (well, YouTube) with direct comparisons against rival models.

Nokia Making Waves

Nokia is a on a mission to highlight the features of its phones that offer something over its rivals. With Windows Phone 8 failing to excite vast numbers of users then its down to the optics, software and technology in the PureView camera system in its latest models. 

This video compares footage (hopefully, we don't want any of those dumb "actually recorded on professional equipment" moments) from the latest Lumia 928 model against the current iPhone and recent Samsung Galaxy S3 model in a night shoot, on a rollercoaster. Of course, its impossible to tell what was holding the cameras and if there were any settings tweaked, but if genuine, then it does demonstrate the Lumia PureView technology pretty well. 

Interestingly, we've seen comments suggesting that while the Lumia's night shots are indeed awesome, its daylight photo and video results aren't quite as world-beating, so this could be just another case of comparing your most favorable aspect against a competitor's weakest, what do you think?

Learning Opportunities

 What's Your Best Feature?

The big question is, will watchers of this video consider image quality above, processor power, ecosystem, app availability and the many other decision points that stand between a consumer and a smartphone purchase?  

Nokia will officially show off the Lumia 928 later this month in London, competiting directly with new Samsung and other high-class Android devices, but will some neat video be enough to convince users it is worth the hassle of an ecosystem swap to join the Nokia masses. 

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