Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4 Mini, Now Packs a 4.3" Screen

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As part of the Galaxy family's ever-growing line up, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini for those with diminutive digits, but while the baby of its own family, it is still a touch bigger than an iPhone 5. 

Samsung Family Values

There is now a Samsung Galaxy device for pretty much everyone. Starting out with the newly-announced Mini to the Mega and a whole host of 'tween device sizes, offering various performance levels and pricing. 

The new baby of the family come with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, a rather lean 8GB of internal memory (of which 5GB is available to the user) a 1,900mAh battery and an 8MP main camera. Running Android 2.2 plus most of Samsung's bespoke apps including Group Play and S-Health, the device runs a 4.3" diagonal 16:9 ratio Super AMOLED screen.

Learning Opportunities

It will be available in most territories as a 4G, 3G or 3G dual-SIM model, in two shades, White Frost and Black Mist. The Mini is a few grammes lighter than the iPhone 5, while being virtually the same height and just a couple of mm wider. All the specs, except memory, are up a bit on the S3 Mini, which came out last November, and proved a roaring success for Samsung. 

Android vs. Android

Depending on the resolution of the screen, something not initially made clear, the Mini should be a good competitor for many of the rival mid-range devices already clogging up the Android market. We wait to see what the pricing should be, but if it follows the S3 mini, will make a decent budget alternative to its bigger brothers.

Estimates seem to think it'll be around $350 off contract and will make an attractive contract offering for mobile vendors. Will Apple really produce a cheaper iPhone to compete with the S4 Mini and other devices, or keep plugging away with iPhone 4 and 4S sales? We'll hopefully see in a few weeks at WWDC (where Apple is more likely to show off a non-top-end product rather than host a dedicated event), but with the whole market share/profit argument raging, Apple is likely quite happy where it is.