Got a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet? Get ready for your joyride to the latest Jelly Bean version of Android as the company pushes the button for the new update. 

Dominating the Galaxy

Poland is the lucky country getting Samsung's Jelly Bean update first, likely acting as a soak test to make sure everything works, before unleashing it on the world. The update will come to the new Samsung Galaxy SIII phone along with a host of other Galaxy-class devices. Expect other markets to come on-stream quickly as the update takes hold. 

Additional models include the Galaxy S II, various Note and Tab models, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Chat and some Ace models. A new model called the "Music" has also been mentioned which might be a whole new product.

Older devices like the original Galaxy apparently won't benefit (officially). With Apple users happily updating to the new version of iOS 6 by the tens of millions, Samsung will want its customer experience to reflect and match Apple's, not some other members of the Android family. 

The Name's Bean, Mr. Bean

Jelly Bean was shown off at Google's IO event back in June and will ship in new Samsung devices from next month including the new Note II. Part of the update includes Project Butter which improves the speed and slickness of the interface. There's an improved keyboard, photo sharing and Bluetooth syncing. 

By getting ahead of the pack with updates, Samsung could well pick up users unsatisfied with their current Android experiences (with some still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 updates). Similarly, with Google Map's clear superiority over Apple's new navigation app, that might even help it pick up a few disgruntled iPhone users.